Eberron: The Mourning After

If I Only Had a Brain
Opportunity Is Behind Every Pneumatic Door

Elsbeth uses a recovered battery to restore emergency power to the submerged ship. While it isn’t enough to bring everything back to full functioning power, it does open several doors. Including a room with trapped illithid liches, and what Four deduced to be one of their late victims.

Maki uncovers a communication room that reveals the name of the ship and a final emergency message. The Stargazer has flown for the last time, and the party now digs though her corpse for the secrets that brought her down. It is Tetren that uncovers the nefarious Iron Lich, Sy’thocyxx, armed with overwhelming psychokinetic power. He begins as a dangerous encounter, but soon more of the party arrives to even and overturn the battle to their favor. The danger overcome, Tetren turns his attention to the abandoned console that the illithid was studying and is able to determine that there are three rooms currently offline. With only enough power to restore two of them, Tetren decides to re-energize the armory and the mainframe.

He immediately darts off to claim his prize, along with Four, and is immediately corrected for his over-eagerness as Egogalis, the Mainframe of the Stargazer, greets him with fierce outsiders, creatures beyond simple imagination.

The final battle for the Stargazer has begun.

Into the Depths
Escape from Death, to Find More Death

The heroes square off with the remaining giants, while simultaneously defending against Momento Mori, the death-enriched Eidolon. Elsbeth, Maki, and Kolt manage to keep him off-balance however, by changing their tactics moment to moment, and increasing the number of threats and difficulties he’s forced to deal with, until Elsbeth is able to finally wear his defenses down and land a critical spell, to remove him from combat entirely. Karne finishes off the remaining Storm Giants with the aid of Four and Tetren and the party goes about deciding how to handle the issue of Momento Mori’s massive scythe, Necrofantasia. Realizing it will not only fail to respond to anyone that is not its master, but even feed on their life force, Elsbeth takes a gamble and has Four take hold of it. Though it is unwieldy for her, the Shadow manages to hold onto the weapon without sufferance, settling the debate of what to do with it.

Tetren scouts the coast line before finding the resting place for his undisclosed prize, and the heroes prepare for a deep dive into the stormy waters to find the wreck of the Stargazer, a ship of foreign make. Once aboard, the party begins to plumb the depths of the alien vessel, its design, markings, and layout utterly exotic to them.

The heroes split up, with Maki, Perqu, Karne, and Tetren in one group, and Elsbeth, Four, and Kolt in another. The two teams encounter horrors lurking within, including desiccated and violent Mind Flayer liches, and a new type of aberration, that feasts on the magical and psychic energies of those it encounters.

A Giant Problem
An Unexpected Reckoning

The heroes has barely rested a day before a new issue is brought to their attention. Navir has left, recalled to Balinor’s side. Four has also departed though she has gone in search of a dwarf, a friend of Ace’s, somewhere in Shargon’s Teeth in the northern coastline. Uncertain of her motives, the group collects themselves and moves out to potentially rescue Four and her dwarven charge.

When they arrive, they find it was restlessness that drove her to rashness, but now that they are there, they see a ship graveyard scattered with giants searching for something, presumably the same something the dwarf is after.

Deciding to clean up since they are present, the heroes, Four, and the dwarf descend upon the giants and begin to remove them as a threat. As the fighting begins to wind down however, Elsbeth is visited by a specter from their past, and Momento Mori materializes.

“You have toyed with forces without exacting a toll. The universe has sent me to claim its blood debt from you.”

The party is faced with the remaining giants and Mori, and ultimately decide to leave the fatal duel in Elsbeth’s hands, as he warns them that it is her and her alone that he seeks.

A Tail as Black as Night
Tears from Memory

The party pushes through the halls of the Daedalus, continuing their assault. The fight attack ends with a spectacular conflict between the remaining Tailors, and the Vulpes Black Tails. Descending upon Maki and Elsbeth, the Vulpes proove why they should be feared, wielding massive strength and size, but are cut down by a combination of blade and magic, and the heroes working together to support one another.

Bad Apple!! retrieves her missing companions (a mechanical wolf, cheetah, and owl) leaving her beyond grateful, and the party begin their return to Stormreach.

While traveling back, Elsbeth finds a clue among the documents she’d liberated; The Tailor, an entity whom she is unfamiliar with, but who is recognized around an outsider. Maki secludes herself, rattled by the encounter, while Kolt studies the weapons they retrieved from the Master Tailor Gunners, an intricate pistol with more unique parts than anything before.

Once returned to Stormreach, the party begin preparing for the next outing but not before mingling with their allies. Elsbeth informs Riot she’d like to start an expedition into Shaazarak, but he tells her people are already prepared to go- they just lack the current personnel to make it happen, and advises her against setting out too hastily. Bloodess informs Karne that she’d like permission to use group funding and a small team to convince a potential captain to join their forces, to add another ship to their growing fleet. Meanwhile, Viral sets up a small wager with Kolt, putting his subterfuge to the test against Kolt’s line of sight, more for pride than any sort of winnings, and Edge requests to study the strange firearms that were returned with the group. In her own roundabout way, Æoriel checks in on Maki, encouraging her to return to the world of the living rather than wallow as she has been.

Deadman's Switch
I'll Take Turrets for Two-Hundred

The heroes carve a bloody path through the Daedalus, providing Bad Apple!! all the time she needs to finally overcome the internal defense. Perqu and Maki join forces to take down a pair of Black Tails, staunching years of blood flow, if only for now.

While the party congregates for a final assault, Elsbeth uncovers an interesting item; a magical scroll containing the Cyran National Anthem. Though the magic of the scroll is beyond her capability, she concedes to claim it, along with multiple other documents and scrolls as well.

Despite Bad Apple!!’s success at shutting down the turrets, Kolt still manages to trigger one by interacting a bit too indiscriminately with it, causing it to target and attack the gunslinger and anyone else too close to it, thus breaking the stealth they had recaptured by arriving undetected.


Break In Bad (Apple!!)
It's Just a Super Fortress- What Could Go Wrong?

Lie finally confronts her past, down the barrel of a gun, but the party ultimately talks her down from becoming an angel of death. Convinced there is a better way for both her and Jool, her final target, Lie concedes to do better. With the final matter resolved, the party set off for Breland, to handle Bad Apple!!’s request.

The gnome reveals that she was one of the designers of the super fortress, Daedalus, which has now become partially defunct since the end of the Last War. Still dangerous to assault head-on, Bad Apple!! devises a simple plan; a distraction team draws away forces and fire, while she sneaks in with a stealthier team to disable the security. Splitting up, the party proceeds, with Karne,Magnus, Kolt, and Robobonobo in the Annihilation Squad, and Maki, Perqu, Elsbeth, and Bad Apple!! in the Infiltration Squad.

Both teams acquit themselves well, and instantly, the Annihilation Squad find themselves caught under a hail of bullets, magic, and flying elements. Meanwhile, the Infiltration Squad continues to sneak through the darkened halls, now on alert from intrusion, as planned. However, in incredibly close quarters, Perqu and Mika come face to face with the bane of their liveliehood; a member of the Black Tails (a Felis) who is pursuing would-be intruders. Unable to contain himself for long, Perqu follows the Felis into the dark recesses of the command center to settle a debt with blood.

Cha-Cha Real Smooth
Let's Not Start a Race War

The defeat of Shazaraak provides the party not only with a hard won victory, but a new place of power. Realizing the potential for the former school of magic, the heroes decide that resources will need to be allocated to resurrecting the secrets there.

Setting off for their allies, they decide to make way for Valenar to aid Lie in her personal request. On the way, she explains that she was once part of a cult of shapeshifters, known as the Faces of Ravaji, lead by a megalomaniacal doppelganger. The cult has dissolved but its members still lurk in the shadows, and several of them have assumed Lie’s former identities. The changeling hitwoman does not wish to take risks with the harm these rogue cultists can do in her name, nor how it could potentially reflect on the party. She has them each visit different areas during period of festivities, in Keth and asks them each to simply provide distractions that will expose her targets to harm.

With the groups assigned, the party moves in on their locations, unaware of the targets or Lie’s plan of action and begin setting the scene. Elsbeth, Karne, and Magnus settle in to a tavern, where a wedding celebration is proceeding between two rival clans. Though their presence is viewed suspiciously, they are tolerated, and the two begin to regale the bartender with their most recent conquest. Between their fantastic tale and the use of magic to provide visual references, an arrow flies through a window, striking an attendant dead, and initiating a full on tavern brawl.

Maki, Perqu, and Bad Apple!! visit the bazaar and Maki immediately hatches a plan to coordinate all those in attendance into a choreographed dance routine and impromptu endurance test, all under the guise of winning a fabled prize from her once prosperous kingdom. All the while, unbeknownst to anyone (including her), her scepter has activated, giving her complete sovereign authority over everyone present. As the dance winds down, and the last three contestants flag to keep up with her challenge, one victim in the far back is eliminated with well-placed dagger strikes. Bad Apple!! succeeds under Maki’s decree, and the trio make their exit down a nearby well, and are escorted away by Lie.

Navir and Kolt attend a horse race, studying the crowd as they do. Kolt invests energy into riling up several locals and visiting people, firing up a full blown riot that he himself gets lost in the middle of. As the racers come around, their horses riled up from the agitation of the crowd, Kolt tips the chaos over a boiling point by surreptitiously firing a shot into the air, and instigating a magical fear effect that spooks many onlookers and terrifies the horses. With full on bedlam, he and Navir watch as a horse is decapitated and the rider is torn in half by a greatsword. With, apparently, their work done, the pair follow a frustrated Lie away from the scene of the brawl.

With all but one target eliminted, Lie prepares to move in for the kill and close this chapter in her life at last.

School's Out For Summer
School's Out Forever


The heroes conclude their fight with the Master Fellforged Construct, the Blood of Blackfire. No sooner than they fell the final construct, does Shazaraak come crashing down around their ears. A portal opens, where the construct was once imprisoned, and offers them an escape. Now on, presumably, the surface, they watch as the headmaster’s building rises from the earth, a towering colossus of stone and magic.

Fearing they may be outmatched, the group (or Maki at least), rush in to confront one more threat. The battle is fast and hard-fought, but the party wins out over Shazaraak’s final attempts to crush them, before it begins to settle down and revert back to its structure. With Shazaraak subdued, the party claims dominion over the grounds at last, though many secrets still wait to be discovered below its façade.

Substitute Teacher II
Continued Exploration Into Shazaraak

The group continues their exploration into the bowels of the academy, following the defeat of the Fellforged guardian. Elsbeth, through a bit of quick forensic study, determines that the bones powering the death-constructs matches Asherat’s bone structure. She ultimately realizes that these clones were created as fuel sources, though the intent is lost to time.

The party pursues the deeper recesses of a lower chamber, and finds a stasis field that seems to be suspending a dangerous spell in place, all the while more Fellforged constructs, now taking on the guise of black dragons, descend upon them. The party overcomes the constructs, unbinding the magic that seals the dreadful mythic spell at bay, and simultaneously unleashing waves of enraged familiars, driven mad by the disappearance of their masters. One final confrontation with another horrible amalgamation, and the magic binding is undone, unleashing both the mythic magic that was being held in place, as well as one more adversary, an even larger and more fearsome Fellforged than before.

Substitute Teacher
A Deep Dive Into Ancient Education

The party continues their investigation into the mysteries of Shazaraak and encounter a tupilaq, an ancient and crude familiar from a time long ago. Driven mad after countless years of separation from its master, the horrifying construct attempts to attack but is quickly destroyed. The group uncovers a secret stairwell and follows it into a lower chamber that continues to descend. They are assaulted by more tupilaqs, before reaching a lower chamber. Here they are assaulted by a construct with a magic-fueled corpse attached to it. The battle is short, but harrowing as it unleashes ruthless spells, but the group wins out, leaving Elsbeth and Kolt to study the construct while the rest of the group continues further into the depths of the facility.


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