Eberron: The Mourning After

A Land of Adventure (?)

Welcome to the Wasteland

The party has prepared to follow Alodi’s directions towards where Tiburon has gone, but are immediately intercepted by a force of trolls and an ogre mage, named Laitam. Laitam informs the party that Tiburon is in the custody of the Daughters of Sora Kell, and is being kept as “an honored guest”. He will be relinquished once the party is able to prove their mettle, cunning, and versatility in a series of trials, each meant to provide a reward that the party will bring back to Laitam as proof of their success. Begrudgingly, and with unsuccessful appeals to bypass such trials, the party sets out to overcome the Trial of Vision, the Ordeal of Agony, and the Epic of Fury. Their clues are cryptic and are only given locations, and so they set out to do what they must to get their pirate prince back.



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