Eberron: The Mourning After

Black Flag Over Silver Waters

What Do You Kick In When There Are No Doors?

Riot revealed to the party that their quarry has fled to Droaam, the unironically named “Monster Nation”, which is ruled by three Hag sisters, the Daughters of Sora Kell. Karne takes a hard stance against the evil that lives within the party, making it known that he will not tolerate villainy in his presence, and offers them the chance to repent, cowing the Bloodess, and earning contempt from Viral in response. During this time, Kolt decides to take Viral with them, in the hopes of both keeping their promise to him, and appeasing his bloodlust. Elsbeth has come no closer to the secret of her Primal Scar, even with ├ćoriel’s help, but her journal has begun to fill in information again, though it is expectantly cryptic.

Once in Droaam, the party makes their first stop in Graywall, where they cash out one of Riot’s favor tokens. They are almost immediately greeted by the mayor of Graywall, Xor’chylic, an ilithid. Despite his chilly presence, he invites the group to his estate to discuss their business in private, and insodoing, he reveals to them information that will put them on TIburon’s trail. The party says their thanks, and prepare for the journey north to Silver Lake, that quadresects Droaam, Breland, Aundair, and the Eldeen Reaches. True to Xor’chylic’s word, the heroes find the Devil’s Due, Tiburon’s flagship, moored near the shore. Karne deduces it best to seize control of the bridge, and without further discussion, Elsbeth, Navir, and Kolt leap overboard to assault the dreadnought. The the bulk of the crew are ordered below deck the three heroes still engage with the two shipdeck officers, First Mate Alodi Atu’A’Hwah, a water kineticist naiad, and Boatswain Raemora Lowe, a fire kineticist ifrit. The three heroes find the two hardy and strong, but attempt to defuse the battle when they realize a more peaceful resolution can be found.

Alodi lets the party know she’s been tracking Tiburon’s movements on shore, and knows his approximate distance and direction.


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