Eberron: The Mourning After

By Blood and Bone

By Hook and Crook

The Part has completed the Epic of Fury, destroying Quern Braxx’s, the Chimaera Matron, and her brood. Reporting back to Amuun about their success, she rewards them with riches from her vault before leaving to join her king across the valley.

Satisfied with their own handiwork, the party rests up before setting out for their final test, the Trial of Vision. Along the way, they spot a gnolls raiding party escorting prisoners and set upon them. The fight is brief but hey realize they are now in Bone Gnasher territory and discuss either completing their trial, or taking a detour to the Bone Gnasher camp and ending their slaving ways.

Worried about a power vacuum, they ultimately decide a short term solution is worth the long term risks and set out to crush the gnolls.


BadguyEX BadguyEX

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