Eberron: The Mourning After

I Got Stoned Once

Visions of Failed Fort Saves

The party managed to defeat Nine, the Maleficarum, but with no insight into what she was collecting slaves for. The party could tell that many people were moved through the area they encountered Nine and her Dolgrim vanguard, but could not identify clues as to where they went and for what purpose. After making camp, they went on to Cazhaak Draal to finish their final trial, the Trial of Vision.

On the outskirts of the ruins of Cazhaak Draal, they found hundreds of ruined stone figurines, and began to deduce that whatever they would encounter, might have the power to petrify. Faced with the option of a full frontal assault, or a more nuanced approach, the part opted for the cover of nightfall and subtlety to catch their foes off guard. Upon entering, the party used stealth and found an entrenchment of Medusa and Dire Cockatrice patrolling the area.


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