Eberron: The Mourning After

She Never Sleeps

End of Chapter 2

The heroes return to Laitam, the Ogre Mage, and his troops with their spoils from the trials. Laitam reveals that the party has one last task before them, though the choice of how to proceed is up to them. Go on to Graywall to collect Tiburon, who was sent to wait for someone, or stop an encroaching threat up on the city, itself. The party becomes divisive, some members certain that pursuit of Tiburon is their top priority, while others feel obligated to save Graywall from whatever fate befalls it.

During their discussion, Laitam informs the party that they have been offered a “gift” from the Daughters of Sora Kell, and a treasure will be waiting for them back home depending on what it is they most desire. Kolt wishes for tools for his trade, Elsbeth asks for an answer or solution to her Primal Scar, Maki loftily dreams of World Peace (or candy), Eldritch wishes for greater command over the dead, Navir wishes to empower Necessity further, and Karne seeks the ability to punish the wicked. As the party makes their desires known, but linger on the subject of where to direct their efforts, the Daughters of Sora Kell arrive, to personally thank them for their efforts. Sora Katra reveals that there are no good choices though a choice should still be made, and that deviation from two ordained paths, while unique, may yield results no one is happy with.

They finally come to an arrangement with Viral, whom they send ahead to keep watch on Tiburon and prevent him from leaving, while they assess and deal with whatever trouble is headed in the direction of the city. What waits for them, however, is both a new threat, and an old face. Leading a small but dangerous Quori force, the warforged Armigus engages the heroes on an open battlefield. Turning party members against each other, threatening their very sanity with Quor psionics, and wielding overwhelming firepower, Armigus is eventually defeated by the heroes. His last words before going inert, however, are cryptic, boasting only “She never sleeps.”.

The party moves on to Graywall to see what progress Viral has made and find a bloodbath waiting for them and panic in the streets. A bloodsoaked and paranoid Viral springs out on the party, but they’re able to bring him back to his senses. He reveals that there were Quori agents stashed among the refugees, many stolen in from the Drooam countryside. The party begins to connect that these may be some of the slaves that Nine had been taking before, and begin to see a bigger plot unfold as a result. Tiburon, on the other hand, has already escaped to his ship, informing the party that putting him in the same location as Elsbeth would be courting with misfortune, as her scar gives Asherat knowledge of her surroundings, and seeing Tiburon would bring the Cloud of Darkness down on all their heads sooner than expected. For now, aboard the Devil’s Due, he can continue to mask his presence until Elsbeth has dealt with her primal scar, and Tiburon is in better fighting shape. For now, the party takes their victories, and trek back to Xen’drik for some well-earned rest.


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