Eberron: The Mourning After

The Forge of Evil

How the Party Got a Totally Sweet Tan

The party takes a moment to gather their wits when they reach the Ordeal of Agony. Accosted immediately upon entering with sweltering heat and shifting shadows, they protect themselves from the inevitable fire damage and slay their way through hordes of Salamanders.

Elsbeth and Asha spot a creature of horrific proportions, the likes of which they’ve never encountered before and Elsbeth sets about trying to corral it away from the party. She finds out that it is merely an illusion, and deduces the actual threat yet remains.

Kolt frees a bevvy of slaves from a fire elemental captor, but when the rest of the party catch up, they reveal their hideous outsider forms and continue the assault.


BadguyEX BadguyEX

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