Ace & Satanbelle

A canny half-elf gunslinger who suffers from ataraxia.


Theme – Flashback

Tall, dark, and handsome, Ace is a cool headed summoner who is naturally gifted with guns and blades alike. He dresses both practically, and fashionably, with multiple pockets for spare ammo, hidden blades, and tools. Despite being physically attractive, Ace suffers from ataraxia, making personal relationships difficult for him to handle (or vice versa). He is, however, always professional as a result and abnormally focused.

Satanbelle is a Daemon Eidolon, who claims to hail from the very loins of War. As an aspect of war, she is completely structured around combat, with claws larger than her entire body and a spined tail. Despite what would be a very intimidating appearance, she otherwise looks like a young tiefling girl around the age of 15. Her attitude isn’t excitable precisely, but she has a nearly insatiable bloodlust once combat begins.

Overwhelming Potential – Neutralizes multiple weaker foes (+ 5% on missions with Enemy Waves)
Tomb Raider – Able to locate secret passages (+ 5% on missions with dungeons)
Sniper – Neutralizes high armor foes (+ 5% vs missions that have enemies with high non-dex AC)
Wall to Wall – Can alternate between ranged and melee (+ 5% in all missions)
Indifference – Prioritizes self over allies ( – 10% team efficacy)
Rival – Mia (Bonuses from Mia and Ace are halved)




Ace and Satanbelle were encountered when Maki joined the party. Their relationship was business casual as Perqu facilitated the partnership, sensing that a larger party would improve their survivability.

Ace is a former tomb raider, but retains most of his useful knowledge. He keeps to himself, largely, but Mia has already revealed that they were both students under the same master for a time. When their mentor was captured by agents of the Emerald Claw, Ace and Mia had a heated falling out about how to proceed (Mia, at least, was heated).

Satanbelle has been with Ace for years, steadily growing in power. She occasionally refers to the other races as “inferior species”. In addition to being an aspect of War, she also believes she is destined to become an almighty dragon, and seems to be amazed with her own power. Ace, however, refers to her as “Simplebell”, due to her below average intelligence.

Ace & Satanbelle

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