Æoriel Lanaulhûn

The tall blonde middle-aged elf holds her liquor as well as she holds a sword.


Theme – A Beauty Who’s Life Was Damaged

Æoriel is a middle-aged elven soldier who is both winsome, and always acts or appears as if she is one week away from retirement. She is, however, deceptively capable with a two-handed sword and her magic is more destructive than it is supportive.

Often terse, but surprisingly eloquent, Æoriel has a gift for turning people off from her. There is an obvious attempt to smooth things over, but more than usually it just makes situations worse for everyone involved, as she often chooses the wrong thing to say.

Mother Knows Best – Eschews words of encouragement to get the job done (Allows success reroll in the result of a failed mission)
Sovereign Duty – Provides healing (+ 5% in all scenarios)
Soldier – High damage output (+ 10% in all mission scenarios)
Wall to Wall – Can alterante between melee and ranged (+ 5% in all missions)
Worst Impressions – Does not get along with other party members (- 10% team efficacy)
Aching Joints – Lower than average hit points (maximum party push is reduced by one)


Æoriel Lanaulhûn is the estranged mother of Elsbeth. The two share a very troubled and pained relationship. The reason is both typical of mothers wanting their daughters to exceed in life, elves expecting their children to excel in all areas, and atypical in her oracle’s curse, which sours all relationships in time. Once Elsbeth was of an age that she could make decisions for heself, Æoriel retreated back to her affairs in Aundair, leaving a host of questions and resentment behind her.

The truth is, Æoriel had been commissioned for work again, and pulled from retirement. She was setup with a new partner and together, the pair were sent to track down Elsbeth and her party, who were making a name for themselves. She seems to be holding on to information relevant to the party, but only truly confides in Elsbeth with most of it, which seems to cloak her agenda.

Æoriel Lanaulhûn

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