Asherat Blackfire

This haunted creature stares through you, as if you don't even exist.


Theme – Someone to Hate

Asherat Blackfire is a force of nature, a creature of raw icy malice and inhuman emotions. Hair as black as ink, skin as pale as bone, and eyes the color of venom. Asherat stands just over seven feet tall, and moves like a specter caught between worlds. When she looks at others, it is with a detached expression, as if they were pieces of paper caught in the storm of her presence.

Armed with a blade made of Khyber, Asherat’s magical might borders on otherworldly.


The party previously encountered Asherat when she attempted to steal information about their mysterious ward. Her plans were thwarted however, by the party’s own ignorance, sparing the target of her interest, Tiburon St. Blood. However, leaving little to chance, or rather- not caring about the outcome, she left Elsbeth wounded and created a primal magical event to sink their ship. The group were saved when Tiburon’s ship, Devil’s Due arrived in time to rescue them.

The group encountered her again, or a simulacrum of her, when they assisted Kolt’s family in the Mror Holds. The party thwarted her plans to create a rift, though the purpose of actions were lost with her destroyed clone.

Believing herself the reincarnated consort of Vol, the party has learned that Asherat is attempting to learn the Word of Unmaking, a three word utterance that can unmake the fabric of reality. She apparently knows the third word, and is currently seeking the first two. Her activities have been supported by the Emerald Claw, and her agents are extensive, as she consistently clashes with the party time and time again. Her search for Tiburon is obviously to complete the Word of Unmaking, and unbind not just Khorvaire, but all of Eberron once and for all.

Asherat Blackfire

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