Braethe Goldenbough-Longbreath-Lightbringer-Featherheart

A plucky halfling healer from a thieve's guild.


Theme – Fading Cherry Blossoms

Braethe is a caring red-headed halfling with big hair and a bigger heart. She provides healing with no questions, and is compelled to assist with all injuries. Despite her lack of combat potential, Braethe is as brave as they come, and will often charge into battle to ensure her allies are safe.

Divine Presence – Abilities last twice as long (lose one trait every two extended missions)
Ten Feet Tall – Bolsters allies confidence (+ 5% on missions with fear and horror)
As Luck Would Have It – Improved chance to locate extra treasure (+ 10% loot value)
Sovereign Duty – Provides healing (+ 5% in all scenarios)
Underdog – Underpowered and undergeared (- 5% team efficacy)
Over Compassionate – Attempts to heal downed enemies (- 10% on missions with Targets)


Braethe was recruited early on in the party’s adventure while still in Lhazaar, saved from an attack from a cruel monk. That monk was later revealed to be a member of the Black Lotus monastery, who had killed all of Braethe’s former party members and guild mates.

Braethe is an oracle devoted to protecting life, and was her guild’s most capable healer. She also has more than a small handful of secrets shared with only a select few people, including why someone so inexperienced is so powerful of a healer and why she has been the target of several assassination attempts.

Her former guild is wiped out completely, and she still possesses the mark that put them in the crosshairs of the Black Lotus.

Braethe Goldenbough-Longbreath-Lightbringer-Featherheart

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