Elsbeth Lanaulhûn

A short half-elf lost beneath crimson robes as a pale lion's mane of french curls flow from behind a broken mask.


“The wondering wanderer and inheritor. She doubts everything almost as much as she doubts herself."
-The Daughters of Sora Kell


Hailing from the Lhazarr Principalities, Elsbeth is the estranged daughter of Æoriel Lanaulhûn. Despite their comfortable lifestyle, Æoriel remained emotionally distant from her child for reasons that Elsbeth couldn’t understand. Amid their personal tensions, Elsbeth found escapism in the study and wonder of her mother’s collection of magic tomes. Elsbeth was far from talented and quickly got ahead of herself, resulting in an accident which destroyed her left arm. With Æoriel’s quick fixes and routine surgeries, Elsbeth was able to eventually reclaim feeling and function. Despite the incident, she had proven herself both persistent and resilient, continuing to study and practice as she recovered. Upon growing of age, Elsbeth took her leave to the mage towers west of the Cliffscape to truly begin her formal training; but not a few short years later after graduation, the young Wizard found her former home empty save for an old recipe book and some small funds tucked away in a hidden cache. There was nothing left for her but to move forward.

There had been few jobs accepting a fresh magical graduate in her port town home, but there had been one regarding transport of a special cargo. It had been admittedly suspicious, but where else would she turn? Little did she know that this would have been the beginning of something beyond her grandest dreams and wildest nightmares…

Elsbeth Lanaulhûn

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