Four, the Good Girl

The human warrior seems to struggle with some internal conflict, at all times in anguish.


Theme – Long Way Down

Four is an amazonian beauty with platinum hair and pale skin. Standing at 6’6", she towers over most. Her mithral breastplate is colored dark, with only some of the silvery gleam showing through on the more intricate designs, and she wields a ranseur that is permanently stained with blood. Her expression is always thoughtful and her attitude is reserved.

In battle, she provides both healing and front line combat capabilities, putting her dragoon training to the test. She harnesses both sacred and profane energy, and seems to war with herself each time she musters either. Her powerful legs allow her to clear even large creatures in a single bound, enabling her to deliver devastating downward charging assaults.

Her personality is extremely bipolar, and she takes no pleasure in her abilities or where they come from, but makes it her calling to ruthlessly battle evil.

Heart of a Dragoon – Provides intense but limited healing, while attacking (+ 20% in all missions)
Rightouesness – Will not succumb to evil (+ 5% in all missions with evil)
Sovereign Duty – Provides healing (+ 5% in all scenarios)
Field Surgeon – Able to save lives (can negate one party member death during failed missions)
Design Flaw – An imperfect copy (will never level up with the party)
Lived Experience – Scarred by the worst of humanity (- 5% when faced with horror)


Following the defeat of Three, the Elegent, and Six, the Lily of Steel, Four was the next Shadow of Kesahva the party encountered. On the run from a gang of Dolgaunts and Dolgrims, the party saved Four, who in turn assisted them in combat. She is clearly unlike her her cloned siblings and has no love for the work they do in the name of evil. She seems to still harbor their evil within her, however, and struggles to maintain control over it, at all times.

Trained as a Dragoon, she seems to find focus in her combat, and spends much of her free time meditating, rather than seeking personal relationships.

Four, the Good Girl

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