Jakk Blackaxe

The half-orc has his guitar over one shoulder, and a massive axe over the other.


Theme – Adrenalize Me

Jakk stands around six and a half feet tall and is built with the powerful frame of a true warrior. Despite that however, his rough, but well-cared for studded leather has gleaming rivots and he wields a guitar. The bard is not what one would expect given his general gruff appearance and the barely contained menace behind his eyes and heavy brow, but he wastes no time getting down to business with inspiring music, or if things really need his direct attention, a fierce axe to the chest.

His butcher axe is a thing of nightmares on the other hand, carved partially from bone, with a demi-lune shaped blade that gets most of its cleaving power not from its edge, but from its weight.

Thundering Chorus – He always brings the house down (Can negate any one mission Tag)
Sovereign Duty – Provides healing (+ 5% in all scenarios)
Axe to Grind – High damage output (+ 10% in all scenarios)
Motivator – Helps resist fear and horror (+ 5% on all missions involving fear and horror)
Two for the Price of One – Jakk goes nowhere without Rekka
Helluva Show – He always takes center stage (- 10% to all missions involving stealth)


Blackaxe was encountered when the party was sent by The Picket Fence to recover some missing scholars. It was recommended that he and Rekka be recruited as the party should be considering building and training an army at some point, and the pair of bards would be a huge asset to that cause.

Jakk is a half-orc from the Shadow Marches, but beyond that, not much else is known about him. He doesn’t offer much information, and prefers to let his partner, Rekka, do most of the talking for the both of them. Though far from inarticulate, he keeps his responses and statements short and to the point.

The relationship between he and Rekka is a professional one, and they take queues from one another quite often. Jakk doesn’t talk often, but it’s obvious from the way he plays his music, and the way he fights, that both are a passion that need no words.

Jakk Blackaxe

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