A tall, well-built human with the look of a well-disciplined soldier and the presence of a commander.


“…and so Karne — God of War, Patron of Soldiers and Tacticians, Warmaster of the Radiant Host — was the last to fall. Upon his death, his body was cast into the ether, that it may never rise again. His name, like the names of the other gods within his pantheon, was erased from the face of creation so that none may speak it, for there is power in names.” — The Book of Xzas 10:15

When the Darkness united under one banner at the Light’s moment of great weakness, the initial attack was swift and brutal. The ones that were slain outright were the most fortunate as those that were captured suffered the cruelest of fates. In an effort to save themselves, some turned from the Light and betrayed those they once called comrade. It was through such a betrayal that Karne fell.

His enemies, unable to kill him, used treachery and deception to cast him out and seal him away in the ether. Unable to return, his body drifted through the planes for eons in a deep sleep.

With the passage of time and the cessation prayers of those that once called for his blessing, his once formidable divine power waned. In this weakened state, Karne came to rest upon the face of one of the infinite primes.

Stripped of all but a sliver of his divinity, he rose from the ashes and swore to eliminate agents of the Darkness wherever they may be and perhaps reclaim his lost glory in the process.


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