A dark haired female dwarf with intense blue eyes unlatches the pistols at her hip.


Theme – Beneath the Mask

Lie is a type of changeling that seems most comfortable in a single form, rather than many. Unlike her kin, she does not seem to use her natural alter self abilities often, or if she does, is very subtle about it. Her clothing tends to be no nonsense, and allows her to maximize both her movement and access to her equipment. She moves with a predatory grace, when she allows herself to be seen at all, and has no meager psionic talents, one of the hallmarks of her race.

She speaks bluntly, and is often very direct, but has years of experience backing up her words, as well as a good bit of pride.

Angel of Mercy – Keeps an eye out for trouble and for her allies (+ 20% on all missions)
Camouflage – Able to blend into the surroundings (cannot die on a mission)
Assassin- Counts as an entire team when assigned to a Target (base team value + 25% if sent after a Target, alone)
Infiltrator – Counts as any humanoid race (can be substituted for any race specific missions)
Ammo Costs – Has to restock ammunition between missions (- 10% loot value)


Lie was initially recruited by the party after they spared her life in the siege of Zilargo. She was encountered in Koranberg and yielded when she realized she was outmatched. Hiring her initially as a forward scout, the party conceded to buying out her contract in full, freeing her from her previous debts and obligations. With her freedom came her unyielding loyalty and steady aim.

Lie has made a living as an informant and occassional hitman. She often takes jobs scouting or taking out high value targets as appropriate. Relieved of her initial weapons, she has taken to wielding The Lovers, Panelo and Roland, given to her by Kolt, and has become quite dangerous with them.

Lie was once part of a cult of changelings, The Faces of Ravaji, led by a megalomaniac doppelganger. Her past finally caught up with her, but rather than wallow in self-loathing, she decided to take matters into her own hands. With the aid of the heroes, Lie was able to finally confront her past, and was presented a choice–to forgive and forget, or to punish and deter. The party encouraged her towards mercy, giving Lie the chance to make peace with her past. Rather than focusing on just herself and her impressive killing talents, she has decided to aid former Faces who have been displaced, starting with her estranged foster-family and sister, Jool.


Jool, herself, struggles with her own identity. For years, she was treated as a prodigy among the cult she belonged to, and when her clan began to crumble with the death of Ravaji, she was whisked away by several zealots, to carve out a new piece of Khorvaire as their own. A true-blood daughter of Ravaji, it gave her legitimacy that other changelings lacked. However, never an agent of her own destiny, Jool simply did as she was instructed and was propped up as the daughter of a Valenar war-prince. Afraid to ask what had happened to the girl she replaced, Jool lived her life in both comfort and constant fear. Lie’s arrival was almost a relief to her, and now she has been adopted as Lie’s assistant in reforming the remaining Faces of Ravaji into a force for good. Her youth, inexperience, and frail nature is echoed in her chosen form. Theme – Reincarnation


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