Mia Elba

This gothic beauty draws a glimmering blade of raw emotion to her hand with only a thought.


Theme – An Empty Tome

Mia is a lovely young woman who seems to wear her emotions on her sleeve, when not in combat. When she is fighting however, her doubt fades away and her focus becomes intense. Possessing long raven hair and lightly tanned, her Aundarian heritage is obvious. She bears several tattoos, including an enormous rune between her shoulder blades. Her armor is both light and protective, allowing her easy movement in combat.

She carries a beautiful and obviously magical sword of indeterminate power, though she refuses to draw it.

Two Sided Coin – Flexible casting for healing and destructive magic (+ 20% in all scenarios)
Wall to Wall – Can alternate between melee and ranged (+ 5% in all missions)
Single Minded – Better than average saves (+ 5% in all missions with mind affecting effects)
Always Armed – Doesn’t need most loot (+ 5% to find better than average loot)
Bereft of Chill – ruled by her emotions ( -10% in all scenarios)
Rival – Ace (bonuses from Mia and Ace are halved)


From the beginning, Mia has made two things very clear- she wants to help her brother, Eldritch, and she wants to find her master. However, she seems to be drifting further from the solution to both, and it is obvious it is frustrating her. Having recently reregemented her entire way of fighting and thinking, she has decided to put faith in Eldritch’s way of doing things and given herself over to the powers of death. Rather than take control of the dead however, as Eldritch is often fond of, Mia has taken a different approach and has chosen to communicate and work with spirits.

Her desire to free her mentor from durance vile has her emotions in a raw state, making her despondent at times, and irritable at others. She is vocal about how Ace abandoned her in her time of need, and that if he was more committed, the two of them could have freed their mentor from bondage by now.

Mia Elba

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