Navir Zanna

A half elf Inquisitor of Balinor


A Half Elf that stands 6 feet tall that almost has a militaristic stance. His hair is rather short so it doesnt get in his eyes while fighting. His clothing all have the symbol of Balinor somewhere on it, and if it doesnt, will find a way for it to be embroided on one way or another. Usually leaves his decision to what his current mission is, but will turn to faith if he has any doubts or questions.


“Nature guides my path”

My name is Navir Zanna of Wolfspaw. I grew up in a small home with only my father, my mother passed away very early in my life due to natural causes. My father and I spent a lot of time together he constantly would help me in training and teach me how to survive alone as one day I will have to venture out and carry on the Zanna family name. Once I was a more reasonable age for defending our village we would venture out further, helping travelers in the area. We have helped many people, but one night I became a boy on his own. My father was killed by a group of bandits who stole a caravan. Out of this, I can say I am grateful that his death seemed quick and painless, but still my father was killed in front of me. I was paralyzed in fear and shock. They left me alive, only making me stronger from that day. They left me to grieve over my father’s body, and that is when I met the change of my life. I met a group called the Wardens of the Wood. They brought me back to safety, and helped me put my father to rest.

After some time of solitude and grieving while the druids of the area made their rounds, I did finally step out to talk to the Wardens of the Wood. And I wanted them to take me under their wing, train me further for not only to avenge my father’s death, but to be able to protect the people that my father would want me to. They declined the first time, as my only true motivation was to avenge his death. And they would be correct. Second time around, I truly wanted to join, this time with no more pure motivation of strength, but to carry on what I would like to believe what my father would want. This time they did agree. They trained me for about a year before sending me out.

On these various trips that they sent me out on I felt better about what has happened to my father. Doing what we did while I grew up, still carrying on his ideas. Time after time I would like to say I gained renown with the group but I can’t say that I did or didn’t. But after some time of serving with them I did venture out on my own usually staying in the forests at almost all times, helping not just travelers but now animals becoming more attuned with nature, really feeling what it’s like being one with nature like them. I surrounded myself with nature.

Eventually after sometime of helping nature itself, I was approached by a large elk, that at the time was rather alarming. It asked me to help with taking care of a danger to the forest, I agreed. I gathered some members from Wardens of the Woods and they agreed. Night by night members were picked off by random creatures to the point it was just me, I tried to help them but only let them down more. I wasn’t ready. But at this point I was to stubborn and unwilling to return back bathed in their blood and didn’t even see our enemy, but I still tracked down this beast. Days spent following prints of what this beast fit I eventually found an very vicious wolf that attacked on sight. He was a very powerful enemy, and a formidable opponent and eventually, it was slain. But was it worth it?

Two nights later another animal approached me, this time a wolf, being defensive I tried getting it to back off but thankfully it was Balinor. He thanked me for my help and believing him and as a “reward” he initiated me as a follower of Balinor and with that initiation he helped me truly bond with nature, and with that a Bear companion, in which I named “Necessity”. And he bestowed powers upon that bear as a further gift. The initiation was over and he now asked me to keep watch of the lands. So I did, and in this time I had someone to watch my back and someone to spend time with, even though it was “just a bear” he is still someone.

After time of helping just about anything I could, our bond got stronger, to the point that I was completely wrong about Necessity. Our bond first ended up making it so I could do special magic around him, then led to him being able to speak to me. It was weird at first, but I don’t know what I would be able to do without hearing his voice anymore. We spent time around Wolfspaw, but recently Balinor has sent us a message. It was to seek my way to Xen’drik as the wildlife there is in immediate danger, he also informed me there is a group of members there that I should seek out and work with them. So now begins my father’s dream of me carrying out the Zanna name, and my adventure for my Lord, Balinor.

Navir Zanna

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