Raemora Lowe

A wild-haired redhead with golden skin and wings of flame seethes charisma and fury.


Theme – Immortal Madness

Raemora has a brassy color to her well-toned body. Her vermillion hair seems to glow like hot coals that match her eyes, and even her mouth seeps tiny embers when she is angered. She dresses provocatively, with cut armor, to show off her form and can hardly be considered shy. Raemora is prone to strong emotional outbursts and is difficult to calm down once she’s committed to a fight, physically or verbally. At times, she may seem untrustworthy, but she always tries to do what she believes is best, even if others don’t see it.


Boatswain Lowe is one of the deck officers for the Devil’s Due, entrusted with training the crew in shipboard combat, as well as controlling the ship’s fire elemental. Because of her proficiency in handling the ship as a powerful kineticist (as well as her ability to incinerate anyone that challenges her authority), she is undisputed.

Raemora Lowe

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