Rekka Kindlestone

This full-figured and sassy dwarf wears revealing clothes and an easy smirk.


Theme – Adrenalize Me

Rekka is a silver-haired voluptuous virtuoso with the voice an angel, and the lungs of a wind elemental. She wears armor and clothing that shows as much skin as possible, and enjoys catching people looking. She wields a rapier that has been infused with a fire elemental, armor infused with earth, and a dragonmark. Her style of fighting is flashy, and quick and she often uses the force of her personality to bully adversaries into making mistakes.

She is garrulous and chatty, flirty and prone to chasing rumors. Rekka is both easy to get along with, and impossible to handle.

Voice That Carries – She has schemes and plans (Can provide bonuses to a second away party)
Fearsome – She makes lasting impressions (+ 15% on all social missions)
Duelist – As sharp with her tongue as she is with a sword (+ 5% in Target missions)
Diva – Force of personality (+ 10% additional contract values)
Two for the Price of One – Rekka goes nowhere without Jakk
Foundling – Does not have the blessing of a House (- 10% on all Dragonmarked missions)


Kindlestone was encountered when the party was sent by The Picket Fence to recover some missing scholars. It was recommended that she and Jakk be recruited as the party should be considering building and training an army at some point, and the pair of bards would be a huge asset to that cause.

Rekka is a foundling and seems to be proud of it. Rather than hiding her mark, she wears revealing clothing that displays her mark for her, like a badge, and she seems to take specific pride in how uncomfortable it makes House Kundarak to see an unaffiliated dwarf with the mark running about.

Rekka seems wholly interested in what the party is doing, though whether it’s for her own purposes or for wholesome reasons is unclear. She seems, however, greatly excited by the potential power the party possesses.

Rekka Kindlestone

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