Riot Alexsander

Smarmy, with a hand at his sword, this handsome human seems to always have a plan.


Theme – Cryo Sleep

Fiery red hair, experienced eyes, and plenty of talent, Riot is a bit of an every man. He stands out enough to garner notice where it’s necessary, and he is able to blend into a crowd just as quickly. He often wears clothing that hides the tools of his trade, and in a fight, he typically has all the tools he could need. Equal parts sword and gunplay, Riot is a deadly picaroon who could fight off a dozen opponents if pressed, or duel one experienced swordsmaster to the death. He’s comfortable in a fight, as well as at a negotiation table.

Mastermind – Able to request intel and support (+ 5% in all scenarios, negates degradation of traits for one extended mission)
Wall to Wall – Can alternate between melee and ranged (+ 5% in all missions)
Criminal Heart – Able to locate and appraise treasure (+ 10% chance to find exceptional loot)
Genius at Work – Always has an escape plan (cannot die on a mission)
Cocky – Likes to show off for the ladies (- 5% per female party member)
Overhead Costs – Skims off the top (- 5% chance to find better than average loot)



When the party were run aground after their first encounter with Asherat, Riot was there to take them in. He had limited dealings with the St. Bloods, and took the party under his wing in good faith. Though it was no fault of their own, that faith was repaid when his guild was wiped out in a bloody display by one of Asherat’s minions, sent to recover Tiburon.

With his guild mostly destroyed, Riot packed up with the party and left Zilargo. Relocating in Storm Reach has been a hard but necessary move for him, and after a couple of years, Riot was able to reestablish some of his old contacts and get back to work again. Only his cohort and a few followers came with him. Yuri remained, fortunately out at the time of the bloody massacre that wiped the guild out. Now more partners than cohort and leader, the pair provide the party with job leads, and information about their enemies, and other matters of interest.

Riot has a particular sore spot when it comes to the Iron Tongue Clan, and it is obvious his rivalry with them is personal. Their siege of Zilargo was insult to injury, and while he was glad to send them packing, he’d love nothing more than to wipe them out entirely.

Riot Alexsander

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