This horse-sized dog almost seems prehistoric.


Theme – Bloody Claws

Rocky is an enourmous riding dog, standing almost 7 feet at the shoulders. His fur is long and shaggy, but the thick barrel-sized knots of muscles that run his body are obvious. However, his eyes shine with real intelligence. No mere beast, Rocky has been elevated through ancient magic.

Dire Howl – Able to turn the tide of combat (can neutralize one mission specific flaw)
Powerful Bite – High damage output (+ 10% in all scenarios)
Tough – High hit points (+ 5% in missions with Targets)
Loyal – Unusually stubborn (+ 5% in missions with mind affecting effects)
Brawny – Too large to fit into some spaces (- 10% on missions with Dungeons)
No Thumbs – Can’t wield items (- 5% to find better than average loot)


Initially a riding dog for one of the party members, Rocky was elevated to sapience when the party activated an ancient war machine that infused him with magical awareness. For a time, Rocky left the party as he wanted to meditate on what this new found intelligence meant. During the siege of Zilargo, he met Mia Elba, and a warforged name Gauge, who helped Rocky understand the point of his gift. Traveling with the pair to aid in the fighting reminded him of his friends, and it was through catastrophe that Rocky found his purpose again.

Rocky has been traveling with the party once more, aiding where directed, but when he is not traveling, he is prone to long bouts of meditation and lethargy. Still, there is newfound wisdom in him that was not previously present.


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