Seven Devils Wise

Silent and observant, this man seems to seethe with malevolent energy.


Theme – Suckers, Ogenki Desuka

Seven Devils Wise possesses an almost hypnotic attractiveness to him, like a cobra. Everything about him seems reserved, and though his clothing is altered, there is no mistaking the colors and cut of a Black Lotus uniform. He poises and postures himself in a way that the trained eye can tell puts him in a prime position to deliver a deadly blow if he chose.

His demeanor is casual and informed, often providing sage advice.

Black Lotus Warlock – Battle field control (+ 10% in single target or multiple foe mission)
Ruthless Efficiency – Knows exactly how to hurt a person (+ 5% in all scenarios with humanoids)
Wall to Wall – Can alternate between ranged and melee combat (+ 5% in all scenarios)
Hunter Gatherer – Able to effectively seek out targets (reduces mission time for party on single target missions)
Black Lotus Training – Makes negotiations difficult (- 20% contract value for missions)
Multi-tasker – May accept secondary missions (chance to leave the party to pursue additional mission)


Arriving with Æoriel, Seven Devils Wise carries on the party’s long tradition of having run-ins with the Black Lotus Monks. This time however, with significantly less bloodshed and threats as he appears to be moderating Æoriel’s presence and attitude with others.

He has taken it upon himself, for reasons undisclosed, to look after Æoriel and ensure she puts her best foot forward. It does not appear that even he is immune to her ability to muck up a relationship, but Seven Devils Wise is as committed, it would seem, as he is unflappable. His presence and relationship with the Black Lotus monastery, however, is still unclear.

Seven Devils Wise is rarely in one place for long, and is often inspecting and traveling about the city when not pressed for assignments or answers.

Seven Devils Wise

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