Eberron: The Mourning After

Back from the Dead
A Quick Recap of What We've missed

Two years since the siege of Zilargo, the party starts moving again, with jobs coming in from multiple sources in dire straights. Key among the requests were a call from the Droranthhold from the Ironroot Mountains in the Mror Holds where the party met Maki, and a call from Daggerfort, south of Vedykar in Karrnath where they picked up Navir.

An interplanar invasion drew the party to Droranthhold at the request of Kundarak and the dwarven trades. Among those caught in the attack was the Kolt clan. Their rescue came to a head with a confrontation with Asherat, whom the party had crossed paths with years prior, who gave them another taste of her otherworldly powers. The battle was drawn surprisingly short however, as the party realized she was only a magical simulacrum. With the Mror holds secured, the party set off to assist Bianca Vargas, who’s familial responsibilities to guard her grandfather’s remains had been undermined by a lich driven to madness. After several horrifying encounters, the party managed to recover the artifacts at Bianca’s request before finally confronting her grandfather’s formal vassal, Lenor ir’Duscaet.

Having returned from such harrowing conquests, the party has set out again on a set of uniquely requested missions, both with leads from the Picket Fence, a local adventurer’s guild. They have resolved to take up a request from the half-giants first, and then a direct request from the guild, uncertain of what they will encounter.


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