Eberron: The Mourning After

By Blood and Bone
By Hook and Crook

The Part has completed the Epic of Fury, destroying Quern Braxx’s, the Chimaera Matron, and her brood. Reporting back to Amuun about their success, she rewards them with riches from her vault before leaving to join her king across the valley.

Satisfied with their own handiwork, the party rests up before setting out for their final test, the Trial of Vision. Along the way, they spot a gnolls raiding party escorting prisoners and set upon them. The fight is brief but hey realize they are now in Bone Gnasher territory and discuss either completing their trial, or taking a detour to the Bone Gnasher camp and ending their slaving ways.

Worried about a power vacuum, they ultimately decide a short term solution is worth the long term risks and set out to crush the gnolls.

We'll Burn That Bridge When We Cross It
A Simple Case of Foot-in-Mouth-Syndrome

The party concludes their trial in the Ordeal of Agony, when they slay the master of the cavern, Yulhotei, Sultan of the Burning Flesh. A gargantuan aboleth wreathed in flame, it attemps to melt away the party’s defenses with its otherworldly powers, but is no match for their combined might. They claim an elemental saturation, the Heart of Fire, and the treasure from the cavern and make camp. Viral attempts to ease the tension between him and Karne, but finds the cleric’s righteousness impassable and abandons further interactions.

The party proceeds onward to the next trial, the Epic of Fury. Upon arriving, they must travel through a small vale, where they encounter the Sphinx, Ambra. She attempts to engage them in one of the Sphinx’s famed riddles, but is cut short when Eldritch threatens that death and destruction are forthcoming if she attempts to confound them. Unamused, she pounces and the party stands back as Eldritch is forced to deal with the mess he’s created for himself. He manages to remove her as a threat, by banishing her to the outer ring of Eberron, and Elsbeth is forced to bring Ambra back. With pride wounded, the Sphinx attempts to end all further interactions, possibly forfeiting the party’s chance to complete the trial. She is made pliant, however with Maki’s childish riddles, and Elsbeth’s arcane conundrums.

Ambra tasks the party with slaying her sister, Amuun, who lives in the valley beyond, so The Queen, can lay claim to her territory, and Ambra can move in after her mate. The party decide to investigate Amuun and pass judgement when they have enough info. Upon entering Amuun’s layer, she is aware of why they have arrived and immediately tests them with queries about morality and wickedness. Satisfied with their answers, she provides them an alternative task- to slay The Queen and rid the land of her presence.

Now thoroughly perplexed, the party sets out further into the vale to investigate the queen and immediately fall into combat with a brood of chimera, Prince Shivataar, a legendary chimera, and Queen Brax’is, a legendary chimera brood mother.

The Forge of Evil
How the Party Got a Totally Sweet Tan

The party takes a moment to gather their wits when they reach the Ordeal of Agony. Accosted immediately upon entering with sweltering heat and shifting shadows, they protect themselves from the inevitable fire damage and slay their way through hordes of Salamanders.

Elsbeth and Asha spot a creature of horrific proportions, the likes of which they’ve never encountered before and Elsbeth sets about trying to corral it away from the party. She finds out that it is merely an illusion, and deduces the actual threat yet remains.

Kolt frees a bevvy of slaves from a fire elemental captor, but when the rest of the party catch up, they reveal their hideous outsider forms and continue the assault.

A Land of Adventure (?)
Welcome to the Wasteland

The party has prepared to follow Alodi’s directions towards where Tiburon has gone, but are immediately intercepted by a force of trolls and an ogre mage, named Laitam. Laitam informs the party that Tiburon is in the custody of the Daughters of Sora Kell, and is being kept as “an honored guest”. He will be relinquished once the party is able to prove their mettle, cunning, and versatility in a series of trials, each meant to provide a reward that the party will bring back to Laitam as proof of their success. Begrudgingly, and with unsuccessful appeals to bypass such trials, the party sets out to overcome the Trial of Vision, the Ordeal of Agony, and the Epic of Fury. Their clues are cryptic and are only given locations, and so they set out to do what they must to get their pirate prince back.


Black Flag Over Silver Waters
What Do You Kick In When There Are No Doors?

Riot revealed to the party that their quarry has fled to Droaam, the unironically named “Monster Nation”, which is ruled by three Hag sisters, the Daughters of Sora Kell. Karne takes a hard stance against the evil that lives within the party, making it known that he will not tolerate villainy in his presence, and offers them the chance to repent, cowing the Bloodess, and earning contempt from Viral in response. During this time, Kolt decides to take Viral with them, in the hopes of both keeping their promise to him, and appeasing his bloodlust. Elsbeth has come no closer to the secret of her Primal Scar, even with Æoriel’s help, but her journal has begun to fill in information again, though it is expectantly cryptic.

Once in Droaam, the party makes their first stop in Graywall, where they cash out one of Riot’s favor tokens. They are almost immediately greeted by the mayor of Graywall, Xor’chylic, an ilithid. Despite his chilly presence, he invites the group to his estate to discuss their business in private, and insodoing, he reveals to them information that will put them on TIburon’s trail. The party says their thanks, and prepare for the journey north to Silver Lake, that quadresects Droaam, Breland, Aundair, and the Eldeen Reaches. True to Xor’chylic’s word, the heroes find the Devil’s Due, Tiburon’s flagship, moored near the shore. Karne deduces it best to seize control of the bridge, and without further discussion, Elsbeth, Navir, and Kolt leap overboard to assault the dreadnought. The the bulk of the crew are ordered below deck the three heroes still engage with the two shipdeck officers, First Mate Alodi Atu’A’Hwah, a water kineticist naiad, and Boatswain Raemora Lowe, a fire kineticist ifrit. The three heroes find the two hardy and strong, but attempt to defuse the battle when they realize a more peaceful resolution can be found.

Alodi lets the party know she’s been tracking Tiburon’s movements on shore, and knows his approximate distance and direction.

A Return to Form
Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love a Pirate

With the last of their loose ends currently tidied up, the party returned to find another legendary hero waiting for them. While they were wrapped up in their own troubles, they didn’t realize that back in Zilargo, there was another hero who was working beside them.

Karne brings his Iron Legion to the guild hall and offers his services and his troop strength to the cause to root out evil. While the threats surrounding the party are still numerous, two goals have not changed; finding Tiburon, and stopping Asherat. While the latter is more nebulous, the former may be obtainable as they give Riot the okay to start seeding Khorvaire with funds, in attempt to buy out Tiburon’s location. Several months have passed, and they finally have a lead….

Back from the Dead
A Quick Recap of What We've missed

Two years since the siege of Zilargo, the party starts moving again, with jobs coming in from multiple sources in dire straights. Key among the requests were a call from the Droranthhold from the Ironroot Mountains in the Mror Holds where the party met Maki, and a call from Daggerfort, south of Vedykar in Karrnath where they picked up Navir.

An interplanar invasion drew the party to Droranthhold at the request of Kundarak and the dwarven trades. Among those caught in the attack was the Kolt clan. Their rescue came to a head with a confrontation with Asherat, whom the party had crossed paths with years prior, who gave them another taste of her otherworldly powers. The battle was drawn surprisingly short however, as the party realized she was only a magical simulacrum. With the Mror holds secured, the party set off to assist Bianca Vargas, who’s familial responsibilities to guard her grandfather’s remains had been undermined by a lich driven to madness. After several horrifying encounters, the party managed to recover the artifacts at Bianca’s request before finally confronting her grandfather’s formal vassal, Lenor ir’Duscaet.

Having returned from such harrowing conquests, the party has set out again on a set of uniquely requested missions, both with leads from the Picket Fence, a local adventurer’s guild. They have resolved to take up a request from the half-giants first, and then a direct request from the guild, uncertain of what they will encounter.


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