The Sword of Galifar Has Been Broken

A decade after the Treaty of Thronehold, and Khorvaire waded through a war-torn time. The glassed and barren fields of Cyre were meant to be a reminder of the horrors visited upon the kingdom during the Last War. It seems however, that the war was not over, merely delayed.

A terrorist cell that was actively working against the Dragonmarked Houses was brought to justice, but not without travesty following in their wake; the disruption of the Throne’s Moot in Thrane by assassination, and the almost utter annihilation of Sharn, by collapsing the portal between the city and Syrania. The magic that sustained the rings was destabilized and districts tumbled down like like broken bands. The destruction was inimical to the populace and less than half survived. Of the survivors, many were wiped out by a miraculous catastrophe. Witnessed as a silver comet that came screaming from the heavens, slicing through the towers, many were caught up in the blast and burned or buried alive.

The Kingdom teeters on the brink of a fresh war, but no one knows exactly where to point their attention. Many borders are braced for battle- except for Lhazaar. The High Prince is licking his wounds from a recent defeat in a land battle, but his strength is still considered too much for the other Princes. While they bide their time looking for a weakness, they have begun to set sail and accost the open waters. Our adventure begins on the stormy coasts.

Eberron: The Mourning After

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