Eberron: The Mourning After

I've Got a Bone to Chew With You

The Gnolls Have Nine

The heroes locate the Bonechewer main camp and are treated to a curious display of hospitality. Rather than fight, the leader of the gnolls, Marrow, wishes to parlay the lives of his gang for information. He identifies a maleficent employer who has put the gnolls to the task of rounding up slaves, and with this person out of the picture, the gnolls can leave that part of their portfolio behind them. Eldritch attempts to persuade them to give up their life of crime and turn a new leaf, but to no avail.

The party is not completely trusting, but take Marrow at his word. He points out where they can locate the Maleficarum, in a failed settlement that never had a chance and so lie in ruin. During the exchange, Elsbeth realizes that Marrow is not in fact a larger than average gnoll, but a dire werewolf, and an anti-paladin on top of that. She keeps this information for herself, not wanting to alarm the party, and the group set out before sundown to engage with the malefactor that has been using the Bonechewers.

The unnamed thorpe plays host to a small group of Dolgrim, as well as Warped Ones, the footsoldiers of The Cloud of Darkness. During the fight, the villain makes her presence known; another Shadow of Keshava. This time, it is Nine, the Maleficarum, purged of her invisibility as she hovers above the party with wings made of Eberron shards.


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