Active Quests

Tinkerer, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (Loyalty)(Bad Apple!!) “I wanted to say thanks again for getting me out of prison. I’ll keep paying you back however I can. I’ve been working with my old teacher again, though he says he doesn’t have much left to teach me these days. Something about the bird leaving the nest, or something. But that got me thinking. I need to do a rescue mission, for my missing children. I already know where they are, because I’m a pretty good listener. When you’re ready, come get me and I’ll give you the details.”

  • Entered the Daedalus
  • Shutdown Security
  • Entered Main Courtyard

When A Lie Becomes a Truth (Loyalty)(Lie) “I’ve left behind my old life, but it didn’t leave me. Someone has been ghosting as my old identities, and doing work under my mantle. So now, I need to ghost them, before they take a job that makes us all look bad. They’re back in my old stomping grounds in Valenaar. If you help me with this, I can finally close a chapter in my life instead of just dog-earring it. I wanted to do this subtly, but depending on how much damage has been done, that might not be an option.”

  • Listened to Lie’s plan
  • Eliminated Kor, at the horse races
  • Eliminated Riel, at the bazaar
  • Eliminated Cair, at the wedding
  • Spaired Jool, chose the path of mercy

Exotiqués II (NPC) More crazy requests. This time, it’s south, even past the Iceflow Sea. There’s apparently something nasty making a scene down there. No less than half a dozen adventuring groups went down to map and explore, and none have come back. All communication with them ceased. The client believes that whatever it is they want you to defeat is connected, and so I guess that makes it a two birds, one stone scenario. At any rate, they want samples of bile and glands. I tried to get more information, but it “isn’t exactly something I can describe. It’s a feeling, deep in the cochles of the heart. Maybe the sub-cochles. Maybe in the liver. Maybe even the kidneys.”

  • Ace
  • Braethe
  • Romulo
  • Helen

Suffering in Silence (Elsbeth) We’ve gotten reports across our desk about a lone structure in the Demon Wastes. Typically, something like this in a place like that is beyond our area of concern, but we’ve heard some very disturbing information. It vanishes during the day, and typically only comes out at night, during storms. When it is visible, there’s a horrible howling and screaming, which is why no one nearby has gone to check it out first hand. We don’t know if this is something of interest to you, but a haunted magical tower in the middle of the Demon Wastes sure sounds like something that falls into the ‘we should at least let The Prophet know’ category.

  • Arrived in Shazaraak
  • Explored the Head Master’s quarters
  • Descended into the archives
  • Defeated the Flesh of Blackfire
  • Defeated the Blood of Blackfire
  • Defeated Shazaraak

Active Quests

Eberron: The Mourning After BadguyEX BadguyEX