Black Lotus Monks

The Black Lotus Monks is an order of monks that began first as royal chemists, then as assassins, and finally retired their knowledge to a monastery where they evolved into the martial order they are known as today. Among the many monastic traditions across Khorvaire, few are loathed as much as the Black Lotus, who often employ unsavory methods and underhanded techniques. However, reviled more than their tactics is their production and use of Black Lotus Extract and Tears of Death Concentrate, which are anathema to monks and warforged, respectively.

Other monks are legendarily hardy and their manifold chi rebuffs their immunity and defenses against poisons and diseases, and likewise the construction of a Warforged possesses a natural hardiness to poison that is difficult to overcome. Both of these venoms overcome these defenses utterly, leaving other monks in dire straights when confronted with a Black Lotus assassin.


The exact means by which they create their poisons is uncertain, the product of a formula they spent decades (and many practitioners) perfecting. Their victims only show the remnants of standard Black Lotus Extract and Tears of Death.

The limbs of Black Lotus Monks are covered in sores and ugly wounds showcasing the erosion of their venoms. Members who leave, either by choice or by decree, have their arms amputated, to prevent the secret of their poison reaching the outside world.

Female Black Lotus Monks are forbidden from learning the formula or using either poison, but they are taught an equally lethal form of combat, that involves impaling, disembowelment, and the severing of tendons and muscle, all with their bare hands. Grand Master monks are said to be able to utterly obliterate an opponent’s very soul or virtually met flesh from bone with their strikes, and in truth, are creatures of legend.

Black Lotus Monks

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