Encounters and People of Interest

As expected the party has encountered individuals that have either helped or hindered their progress, or simply asked the party to lend a hand where they are able. All, however, have had an impact on the party.

Black Lotus Monks – A clan of assassin monks, the Black Lotus are steeped in deadly traditions and have been known to declare war on generations to ensure an entire family line is wiped out. The current grand master is unknown, as the Black Lotus do not often share their information, though the last notable member was Cancer Rothroc, the Ebon Phoenix, a half-orc who became a member of Septet.

The Cloud of Darkness – Harbinger of cataclysm, led by Asherat. They strikes with surgical precision, causing tremendous damage where ever they go, but without raising too much suspicion about their activities by attaching themselves to other agents of change. As such, they have moved relatively unchecked and unrecognized by any governments, leaving the party to bring her reign of terror to an end.

The Picket Fence – A guild devoted to the preservation of culture in Xen’drik, as well as improving the defenses of Stormreach. The Picket Fence is a benevolent organization, relying on the enthusiasm of adventurers to fund their work. Harlaan is one of the founding members of the Picket Fence in Stormreach, and receives tips from the local natives of Xen’drik about ruins that may be of interest to the city and her people.

Iron Tongue Clan – An unyielding mercenary group from Darguun, the bulk of this force is goblinoid, but they have undergone a massive power shift in the last decade and are seeing more contracts from various sources and gaining a reputation as a group that will take nearly any job, and deliver. Led by the shogun, Ruckus, the Iron Tongue is a cancer oozing across the countryside to wreak havoc, and then recessing back to Darguun when their employers are satisfied with their work.

Alodi – First Mate of the Devil’s Due, while the Captain has been away, she has been responsible for the safety and direction of the crew. Her compassion for others is undeniable, but like a mother lion, she will defend her family with lethal force.

Bianca – The eldest scion of The Daughters of Vargas, Major Vargas is an accomplished Karnathi patriot who wants nothing more than to see a long overdue peace returned to the kingdom, and commands a small force of elite undead to ensure it.

Brutus – Malfice is an eccentric and mostly unfriendly genius, who’s work often comes before any formalities. He has an eye for quality, in both objects and people, and is a radical thinker in the realm of golemancy.

Mennis – 1st Lieutenant Whitefang knows he’s been cloned and while he wishes to get to the bottom of it, has been duty bound to protecting his tiny patch of the Sharn-Cyre border. While he cannot handle all possible threats by himself, he has otherwise kept the peace for several years.

Raemora – Boatswain Lowe is one of the chief officers on the Devil’s Due, and takes her responsibilities as seriously as a knife to the heart. Her ifrit heritage makes her surly and savage, but also unbearably beautiful and terrible at once. She is skilled at long range and close range combat, reducing all perceived threats to ash.

Encounters and People of Interest

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