Iron Tongue Clan

Founded roughly twenty-five years ago, during the height of the Last War, the Iron Tongue have had among their ranks some of the deadliest and most highly trained mercenaries Darguun has ever seen. Their body count during the war was almost comparable to the Valenar outriders. However, in the past eight years or so, the leadership structure has changed, and while goblins, bugbears, and hobgoblins still make up the lion’s share of the forces, the inner-circle and most elite members have become more varied.

Ruckus Alexsander is the shogun of the Iron Tongue Clan, and is responsible for drawing and handling contracts they receive. He dictates which of the elite members are dispatched and to where, always without question. It has been years since he was last seen in public, and is presumed to spend all of his time in the clan’s territory in The Khraal. Their fortress, itself, is secluded from scrying and attempts to locate it manually have ended in more lost agents than answers.

Second-in-command is the Black Daimyo, Ursula Alexsander, Ruckus’ wife. Rarely going out on individual assignments, she motivates and leads the clan’s forces into glorious combat. Her presence on the battlefield is often demoralizing to her foes, and even though her blade work is legendary, she is not above using poison in a fight. She is both an exquisite beauty, and a ruthless commander.

Mgork is worshipped among the troops as a living god, and is the oldest living goblinoid in Eberron. As a result, his bloodline spreads across Darguun and hundreds, perhaps thousands of the troops, are his own offspring who can claim they have the oldest blood in the countryside. This creates wild fanatacism, which Ursula reaps as she is the only person Mgork has ever allowed himself to be a mount for.

Smug “the Beast” was the former Blood Ring champion, who had grown filled with ennui. Upset that no suitable challenges came to the Blood Ring anymore, he was delighted to find the party up for a fight, and served as the final hurdle to the liberation of Zilargo. The party ultimately defeated him, but at the cost of one of their own, proving that there were still echoes of his former glory even now. Theme – Balrog

Viktarion was a card-carrying sociopath who had been stalking the party with savage intensity. He was initially hired to hunt down Grib, before the party manage to lose him. He returned to attempt to finish the fight in the Blood Ring, alongside Smug and Six, before Grib finished the battle by putting a knife in his heart and ending the nightmare. Theme – Nikopol

Hekatome was a summoner who served as the clan’s living siege weapon. As a synthesist, she and her Eidolon were one, and the gargantuan multi-headed serpent served as her body while she was the cruel and sadistic brain. She was instrumental in the siege of Zilargo, but ultimately met her fate at the hands of the party, undone by her own sense of self importance. Theme – Heian Alien

Rainrix was the Iron Tongue’s more tactical element, who drive soldiers deep into the heart of the enemy and attack from within, cutting off supply and communication. He had no small amount of skills with guns and like Hekatome, was an unstoppable force with his conjoined Eidolon, The Gift. He found only death when he encountered the party during the siege of Zilargo. Theme – I Am the Beast

Ashleigh and Bernadette Crimson were deserters from the Thranish army. The pair were an inhumane combination of barbarism and calculated torture. Their creepy closeness made them a package that few could overcome due to Ashleigh’s thanatopic spear skills and Bernadette’s profane-infused gunplay. Fittingly, the pair died side-by-side when they attempted to assassinate the party early on, when the Iron Tongue Clan had raided one of Riot’s outposts in Q’Barra. Theme – Black Magic Universe

Iron Tongue Clan

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